It’s a monstrous case of media discrimination – the cameras follow Carter but again give Alf a miss

December 23, 2010

Bugger - who let the TV3 cameras in on my Christmas?

So why haven’t the buggers in the Speaker’s Office alerted the news media to Alf’s holiday travel plans?

He would jump at the chance to be pictured climbing into his modest Mazda Atenza – a 2004 job – before driving to Taihape for a modest Christmas dinner with other members of the modest Grumble family.

Indeed, he offered TV3 a few hundred bucks if they would take such pictures and screen them on their news programme, but they somewhat impolitely turned down the offer.

The problem, probably, is that he is happily married to Mrs Grumble and they have three children and several grandchildren (Alf has lost count of how many exactly). This makes him remarkably ordinary, despite his accomplishments on behalf of his electorate.

Hence Alf is throughly pissed off to learn that Chris Carter, the bald-pated poof who happens to be an MP on the other side of the parliamentary divide, is saying the media have ruined his summer holiday after the itinerary for his taxpayer-subsidised trip to Sri Lanka was leaked.

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Chris Carter and his lifestyle – is quitting as an MP the only way to avoid discomforting publicity?

June 13, 2010

Oh dear. Labour’s Chris Carter is having something that looks suspiciously like a hissy-fit. He can’t take the heat and is thinking of quitting the kitchen.

The publicity around his dipping into the public trough has been too much for the poor soul.

But the publicity has less to do with being New Zealand’s first openly gay Cabinet minister (as the HoS describes him today) and more to do with his ministerial spending being dragged out of the closet.

Whatever the magnet for media attention, the HoS says, Carter is close to quitting Parliament because he is sick of being attacked as a “luxury-loving gay boy”.

Alf can find plenty of reasons for wanting to admonish Carter, but not because he is a “gay boy”. This is an expression he eschews, because it is the language of woofter social engineers, calculated to win greater public acceptance of a certain type of bedroom carry-on than otherwise it would get.

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More spillover from the parliamentary trough

August 9, 2009

Labour MP Chris Carter – as Alf has long suspected – obviously isn’t one for taking good advice.

It seems he has been cautioned by colleagues over recent years to cut down on his overseas travel. Or say the Weekend Herald is saying on the strength of “several sources.”

But he’s been disagreeably feisty on the subject –

An unrepentant Mr Carter yesterday defended his ministerial travel bill from last year as Education Minister, which was $83,000, and his parliamentary spending bill so far for this year, which is $82,000, as Labour’s foreign affairs spokesman and MP for Te Atatu.
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