Iwi bounce back from defeat at the ballot box to demand council voting rights without being elected

May 22, 2015

You’ve got to give Peter Moeahu full marks for gall.

His undemocratic cause was lost when the good citizens of New Plymouth went to the polls to decide if it was a good idea for their district council to have a separatist ward reserved for indigenous persons.

An overwhelming majority of those who bothered getting off their chuffs to vote made plain it was a bad idea.

But this Peter Moeahu feller sees this as a chance to push an even more provocative idea.

He is calling for New Plymouth’s council to reconsider appointing iwi representatives to influential standing committees.

This means they would get to influence council decisions without having to go through the bother of getting elected, even in a separatist ward.

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Bugger trying to woo local voters – the smart way to power is through Treaty settlements

May 12, 2015

Forget about all this democracy stuff.

There are short-cuts to getting a place at the local authority decision-making table – or close enough – without having to go through all that messy stuff about winning support from voters.

Nah, nuts to all that. If you are an indigenous person with tribal inclinations you can count on non-Maori decison-makers – if you approach the right ones –¬†being only too anxious to let you in

That’s how¬†Taranaki’s indigenous persons will soon be flexing their iwi muscle with the Taranaki Regional Council

The good people of Taranaki – who have shown a distinct preference for making their indigenous big-wigs earn their council posts the hard way – accordingly have been gazumped.

Alf senses the craven aiding and abetting of Christopher Finlayson may be found in there somewhere.

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