The cautionary tale of a land owner who has been fleeced of $11,000 for failing to deal with a pest

May 10, 2011

Pretty? Pretty expensive, actually.

Alf has instructed Mrs Grumble to check out the family patch here in Eketahuna North to ensure there is no hint we might be harbouring Solanum mauritianum.

He is urging his constituents to make similar checks.

This rascal goes under many other names, most notably woolly nightshade.

But it is also known as tobacco weed, flannel weed and kerosene plant.

And as some poor bugger in the Waikato has just found out, the authorities are gunning for woolly nightshade but want their ratepayers to do the eradicating.

They will be penalised if they ignore it.

Actually, Alf had never heard of woolly nightshade until this morning.

But he was alerted after a court ruling confirmed the powers and actions of the Waikato Regional Council to undertake pest plant control and bill property owners if they fail to carry out such work to the required standard of the regional pest management strategy.

The regional council seems chuffed today after winning a case brought by a landowner who had woolly nightshade on his property near Pokeno.

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