Macron mania infects the Maori of Porirua

July 8, 2009

Unemployment among the Maori people of Porirua obviously has increased, and those without work have been keeping themselves busy by dreaming up provocative ways of pissing off their fellow pakeha citizens.

Alf draws this conclusion after learning there’s a push on to pepper place names around Porirua with macrons.

That’s not exactly how the plan has been introduced in a press statement from the Porirua City Council.

Nope. The council says that in the lead-up to Māori Language Week, several Māori have made submissions to Porirua City to support the Māori Language in local Māori place names.

This surprised Alf, who thought there were plenty of Maori names in the city already, including Michael Campbell Drive.
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Mind your language

April 17, 2009

It was inevitable Tariana Turia would involve herself in the brouhaha over language constraints at Mana Coach Services (which ironically incorporates a Maori word in its name). She is the minister responsible for Maori and Pacific employment, after all, and an employment issue is involved.

A press release from her office expresses outrage that a company based “in the Wellington region’s Polynesian capital” has told its workers they can only speak to each other in English – even when on a break in the staff tearoom.

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