If children saw the painting that has been removed from a London gallery… well, what exactly?

July 14, 2014
You've got to lower your sights to find the problem area.

You’ve got to lower your sights to find the problem area.

Alf has often been deeply fascinated by the urge of some people to ensure the rest of us are not shocked.

This urge to keep things decent has led in the UK to the removal of a painting by London- and Berlin-based artist Leena McCall from London’s Mall Gallery on the grounds that it is “too pornographic and disgusting”.

According to this report at Artdaily:

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Shane Jones is tipped to make a come-back, but who is the tipster and where has Jones been?

January 4, 2011

And my New Year resolution is to stick to the Walt Disney channel.

Alf is always fascinated by political reports built on a mix of firm quotes and vague tip-offs and understandings.

A splendid example pops up in the Herald today.

Shane Jones (pictured here) is tipped to be handed the Opposition Maori Affairs portfolio and placed on the frontbench as Labour prepares its lineup for the election.

Tipped? By who?

Oh, look.

A big fat clue.

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