Lorraine Skiffington’s $750,000 fee expectation puts an alluring glister on the consultancy business

September 9, 2012

Alf is seriously considering a change of occupation.

He is keeping his considerations very private, of course, because support for a politician is apt to erode if constituents get the idea he might be thinking of a career change to make more money.

Those constituents would be tempted to view such ambitions as avaricious, greedy and grasping.

But Alf happens to be mindful that a bloke of his maturing years should be salting away a few bucks for his retirement.

So where can a bloke get plenty of bucks for salting away in his retirement?

In the consultancy business.

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Co-governance is tricky: the right tone must be struck and all iwi kept on side

March 18, 2012

A source of disharmony.

Mrs Grumble has drawn your hard-working MP’s attention to a fuss in the capital that he overlooked during his news monitoring yesterday.

It’s a useful – and ominous – pointer to what Alf foresees happening under the Treaty-based co-governance arrangements now being spawned around the country.

It shows the need to strike the right tone when you take up a few niggling issues with your co-governance partner.

Otherwise the other party might spit the dummy and become uncooperative.

Moreover if you are an iwi leader, you must not piss off other Maori or things become awfully complicated.

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The public have stumped up millions for a boat shed – but the boat is already housed in Lower Hutt

February 8, 2011

Now let's find a boat to store here.

Things are looking up for the country’s tax and rate payers, who coughed up a few million bucks for an opulent canoe kennel in the capital.

The new structure has a good chance of actually housing the canoe as its planners intended. Hooray.

There had been some doubt about this, because one bunch of Maori reckon the canoe’s rightful place is in its posh new shed on the Wellington waterfront, but another bunch has been keeping it safe and sound in a museum out in Lower Hutt, and looked likely to ensure it stayed there.

It doesn’t much matter which bunch of Maori happen to be right with their claims and counter claims.

The fact is that when it came to the grand opening, the canoe that was supposed to be there wasn’t there.

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