Here’s why Morrie has good cause to want to keep the muzzle on our female MPs

May 19, 2014

Alf has just caught up with news that Parliament’s relationship with Te Atiawa could be changed.

For the better?

It depends on your world view, probably.

The news is that a bloke called Morrie Love is keen on maintaining the Maori traditional muzzle on women when it comes to speaking rights – even if they happen to be members of Parliament. It’s a position Alf is strongly inclined to support, because women are apt to talk a lot of old flannel.

It’s all related to powhiri at Parliament (typically a tedious procedure which Alf prefers to avoid but very important when it comes to maintaining the status of our indigenous people as – you know – “special”).

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Some opinions about a Maori welcome are best left unsaid, lest they land you in deep Krarup

April 7, 2013
So why should his descendants be spooked by a Maori welcoming ceremony?

So why should his descendants be spooked by a Maori welcoming ceremony?

Alf has huge admiration for the blogger who brings him Keeping Stock each day.

And he thanks Keeping Stock for alerting him here to something he missed in his newspaper. It was a report about an unhappy Dane who seems to have struggled to maintain her equilibrium during a good old Maori welcome.

Actually, Alf has a modicum of sympathy for this lady, who has put into words what lots of visitors may well have thought about their Maori welcome, except they have been much too nice to say so.

In a nutshell, she found a powhiri a disagreeable and uncivilised experience.

The politician in question is Marie Krarup, a Danish parliamentary politician and member of the the Danish People’s Party.

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