Auckland City’s second chance for those who fail

August 5, 2009

Struggling to find a job? Try contacting the democracy services manager at the Auckland City Council.

The bureaucrat who serves behind that delicious title is one Christine Watson, who has hired a failed restaurateur to manage the council’s catering business.

Now that dear old Winston Peters has become a failed politician, he should try his luck with Christine Watson. She just might find him a nice little council job, like – well, mayor, or something.
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Nothing here to make up for those bloody fuel taxes

March 18, 2009

Alf has been eagerly awaiting news from the Beehive to help mollify his Eketahuna North constituents, who remain riled about being stung with higher fuel taxes to make life easier for Aucklanders on the transport front.

No salve was dispensed today.

That’s not to say the Beehive has buggered off to the West Coast for a get-together, as Labour MPs did – to a region that should have been as scarlet red as The People’s Flag, but which fell to the Nats at the last election.

National’s Ministers are beavering away and earning their keep.
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