Forced to walk home at 2.30am? Not really – she could have waited for a bus

January 25, 2012

The hacks at Stuff are suckers for a good sob story.

But they have stretched the truth when telling us in a headline: Woman forced to walk home at 2.30

Good grief. An image was immediately conjured of jack-booted fiends coercing the woman to walk home at dead of night.

Heavily armed, perhaps.

The first paragraph laid it on even thicker – not only was the hapless woman coerced into making this walk, but – it seemed – she had been ill.

A Christchurch woman says she was forced to walk home at 2.30am after being discharged from Christchurch Hospital.

But no.

Read on and you find she chose to walk home.

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Puddick the plumber wins a free speech case after leaking – no, flooding – details of wife’s infidelity

June 18, 2011

A British judge has struck a blow in favour of bloggers and free speech.

The judge cleared Pommy plumber Ian Puddick of internet harassment after he had tweeted and blogged details of his wife’s affair.

Lawyers are saying the case may help define the limits of free expression online.

Otherwise, you can be sure, Alf would be showing no interest in the matter.

The BBC’s legal affairs correspondent, Clive Coleman, said not all of the alleged harassment in the trial concerned information placed on the internet.

But the case highlighted the issue of whether someone freely expressing themselves widely online could be guilty of harassment, Coleman said.

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If they can’t keep their supporters’ names under wraps, what makes them fit to run the country?

June 14, 2011

"Before computerisation our files were kept safe and secure here at party headquarters."

The tossers at the Labour Party – having failed to properly preserve the privacy of their supporters and donors – have come up with a superb example of perverse crisis management.

They are bleating to the privacy commissioner about lists of supporters and donors falling into the hands of The Whale.

Does a whale have hands?

Dunno, but…

Details of 18,000 people were on the databases downloaded by blogger Cameron Slater, severely embarrassing Labour, which had to email donors and people who had contacted it through its website to apologise for the breach.

Slater has revealed on his blog how he obtained the databases, which appear to have been publicly available and easy to download without needing to hack into the site.

Get that?

No hacking, he says.

He just tapped into Labour’s databases.

And there it was. Lots of names and other interesting stuff.

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Smile (as you try to beat up the driver) – you will be on cabbie camera

August 11, 2010

Sad to say, the Government has buckled in just the same way as a typical Labour mob would have done to a clamour for something to be made compulsory to save lives.

This time it will require cameras to be installed in taxis in a bid to improve security, a bit of regulatory howz-your-father that follows the recent murders of two drivers.

The move has been welcomed by the taxi sector which will be governed by strict privacy policies and fines of up to $10,000 if drivers misuse the footage, as has happened overseas where images have appeared on the internet.

If the taxi sector wanted bloody cameras in their cabs, what exactly was the need to wait for the Government to demand it by done?

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