When kiddies give gifts on their birthdays … then we might believe Hobbits encourage them to smoke

April 12, 2013

As a member of the best government the country has had in decades, and maybe ever, Alf takes serious umbrage at the criticisms of a bloke described here as one of the world’s leading anti-smoking researchers and campaigners.

He has accused the NZ Government of hypocrisy and sabotaging its own efforts to eliminate tobacco use by 2025.

If this were so, you can be damned sure Tariana Turia would have kicked up a fuss.

This bloke has a title as long as David Shearer’s face will be after the next election, if he gets that far.

He is reported to be University of California San Francisco School of Medicine Centre for Tobacco Control Research and Education director Prof Stanton Glantz.

If you can’t read that out loud without stopping for breath, mind you, it might be that you have stuffed your lungs with too much smoking.

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