The real triumph is that Canterbury remains afloat after her American encounter

April 15, 2011

Te Kaha... rebuffed after a bit of speed dating.

A parliamentary scribe by name of Martin Kay is banging on today about a United States navy helicopter landing on the deck of the New Zealand navy ship Canterbury.

Wow. Let’s stand up and salute.

Obviously we are supposed to regard this as some sort of triumph because Kay warbles that this is

… the most significant sign yet of the thaw in military relations.

The word “significant” gets lots of use.

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The difference between a Trabant and an Aussie-built ship? Trabants go further before breaking down

December 9, 2010

And then the Trabant team emigrated to Australia to build ships for the NZ Navy.

It looks like the Aussies build ships about as well as the Ponting team plays cricket. Or as well as the East Germans built that Trabant thing, back in the bad old days before the Berlin Wall came down.

Alf makes this observation on learning the navy is to conduct an inquiry into the problems with its fleet after another break-down on one of its new ships.

This time the Governor-General and cabinet minister Kate Wilkinson were on board the navy’s newest ship.

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Whee – the fleet is coming

March 19, 2009
Navy Lancer - could it navigate the Makakahi?

Navy Lancer - could it navigate The Mighty Makakahi?

The Navy almost seemed to be bragging when it announced

This weekend Wellington will host two Royal New Zealand Navy ships at the same time.

The Navy’s purpose built Fleet Replenishment Tanker, HMNZS Endeavour will berth at the Overseas Passenger Terminal at 8.00pm on Thursday 19 March and the ANZAC class Frigate HMNZS Te Kaha will berth at 0800 on Friday 20 March at Queens Wharf.

The ships are conducting an operational visit to Wellington and the Commanding Officers will be conducting official calls while they are here.

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