Bank conman and the harlot – how many of the bucks for his bangs have been returned to the ASB?

June 10, 2010

Alf for several weeks has wondered if ASB conman Stephen Versalko got his money’s worth from the $2.5 million he paid to a prostitute.

If not, then he was bilked, which is a thoroughly appropriate thing to happen to a conman.

If he was satisfied with the bang (or two) he got for his buck, the lady must be remarkably gifted.

Alas, chances are we will never know.

Alf gave a fleeting thought to raising $2.5 to personally put her talents to the test and report back to the public.

Perhaps – he mused – Parliamentary Services would pick up the tab in the name of the vital research into the sex industry he might undertake as the member for Eketahuna North.

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Pride comes before a tumble

May 14, 2009

Looks like harlots are going the way of poofters. PC-infected people prefer to call them something else.

Poofters became gays (thereby buggering up the use of a wonderful word, gay, to mean joyous or colourful) and harlots have become…

Depends where they operate, perhaps.

In Manukau City, they are “street workers.”

So what about road sweepers? Are they not much more entitled to call themselves street workers?

At least they are less inclined to lie down on the job.
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