A bad message has been sent to impoverished protesters by giving up on the Waihopai wallies

February 6, 2014

Chris Finlayson seemed to be on top of things, last time Alf was chatting with him.

But obviously he was well and truly off his oats, or had a serious rush of blood to the head, or something.

And next thing we know, the Crown had dropped its civil lawsuit against the three wallies who caused more than $1 million in damage to a spy base in Marlborough.

Reports here and here tell us what has happened and give us some background.

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It’s hard to believe aggression can be linked with anyone who sticks rigidly to a proper Green diet

June 23, 2010

Alf must confess to some bemusement at accusations being levelled at the Greens’ co-leader, Russel Norman.

Some National and Act MPs are saying Norman was the aggressor in his bust-up with Chinese security guards accompanying Vice-President Xi Jinping to Parliament last week.

Alf has been observing this Norman bloke in Parliament ever since he came in on the Green list, and must say he does not look capable of aggression.

Come to think of it, he doesn’t look capable of much beyond carping and whinging, especially about matters that are vital to this country’s economic well-being, such as dairy farming.

He most certainly does not look capable of carrying, let alone waving, a Tibetan flag in protest, unless it was a very small flag.

But looks can deceive, and – a grudging acknowledement here – Norman does have a doctorate, which is something Alf does not have.

Moreover, Norman is giving more than a modicum of credence to the proposition that maybe he can build up an aggressive head of steam.

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Another failure to uphold law and order

August 11, 2009

Our namby-pamby cops have demonstrated yet again their disinclination to uphold law and order when a few stroppy Maori defy the authorities.

The protest group that is blocking a Bay of Plenty road between Murupara and Whakatane are expected to meet with MPs today.
Disgraceful. The buggers should have been locked up already.

Police said the group used vehicles to block part of the 60km long road near Murupara.
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Aiding and abetting a flag-burning tosser

May 10, 2009

The Sunday Herald pathetically trumpets something it presumably regarded as news:

A student activist who burned a New Zealand flag to protest against Anzac Day has been described as an attention-seeker.



This is Joel Cosgrove, the same tosser who – as president of the Victoria University of Wellington Students Association – stood out like a well-endowed dog’s balls at a graduation ceremony where degrees were being conferred and proudly received. As Kiwiblog recorded at the time, (with photos to make plain the nature of the outrage) he sat on stage with other big-wigs shunning any semblance of appropriate dress and wearing a tee-shirt hooting: “I love my penis.”

The name Joel suggests probably he is a wanker.

Alf would say he’s a bloody big wanker, because the Herald says he’s a women’s studies student and a self-described Workers Party-Marxist-Communist-women’s rights activist…And he loves his dick.
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Solidarity against copyright shame

February 23, 2009

Alf on strike? Well, sort of. He is joining the blackout along with most (if not all) NZ bloggers in a nation-wide protest against guilt-by-association provisions in the new Copyright Act. True-blue National supporters like BustedBlonde and Homepaddock have joined them.

As is argued at Homepaddock, allowing this shabby slab of law to take effect from the end of this month –

will take attention away from the good things the government is doing, it will provide a stick with which the government’s opponents will beat them; it will antagonise supporters and allow what ought to be a relatively minor piece of legislation to become a major distraction.

It will in fact be following Labour’s blueprint for losing their way.

Why would you inflict all that damage on yourself for legislation which was the previous administration’s mistake when you could simply delay the implementation of the two clauses until a fairer and more effective solution to the problem of illegal downloads is devised?

Similarly, BB says of the Nats and the absence of a coherent response from them on this issue –

Its the only wrong step we have seen them make. That makes us grumpy. So today we will post nothing. See u Tuesday

Ditto, says Alf. He can be heard singing “Solidarity For Ever” if you drop into the Eketahuna Club today.

Gracelessness in the genes

February 10, 2009

Mum ranks among the country’s best-known harpies, so no-one should be surprised to find Hone Harawira a tad deficient when it comes to upholding concepts of decency, decorum and basic courtesies in the same way as we do here in Northern Eketahuna.

Even so, Alf is disappointed to learn that Hone is expressing a graceless attitude to the assault – oops, maybe it’s still an alleged assault – on the Prime Minister last week.

In a column published in the Northland Age today, Harawira explains –
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