BB says nah to PR – she’s strictly PA

April 21, 2009

Alf regrets he has wronged BB, the big-bosomed bird from Bluff who brings us the rambunctious and widely admired Roarprawn.

In his posting about Peta’s failure to get any traction with its attempt to convert Nick Smith to vegetarianism, he said they needed public relations help and proposed (with nothing but good intentions) they recruit the aforementioned BB.

She has corrected him . Her business has nothing to do with PR, she points out. Her work is public affairs.

Alf pleads ignorance. We have neither public relations firms, nor public affairs ones, here in Eketahuna.

He is tempted to inquire about the difference between the two lines of business. What does a PR practitioner do that a PA practitioner does not do? And the other way around?

He’s a simple soul, and imagines it might be like the distinction between describing yourself on your business card as a moll or a courtesan. But he won’t delve.

Suffice to say, if BB has taken offence, he apologises. He does so unreservedly.

As for his proposition that she could become trimmer by turning to vegetarianism, he appreciates her trenchantly expressed rejection. On reflection, all other ideas for losing weight are better than the Peta diet.