Peters pops up – now let’s put him back

July 6, 2009

Alf knew the best-forgotten Winston Peters would be dug up and interviewed on Q&A yesterday. Accordingly he gave the programme a big miss.

But Inventory, at Keeping Stock, found something noteworthy in what the great populist had to say (or was reported to have said):

Repealing the Foreshore and Seabed Act would be a disastrous backward step sending New Zealand towards separatism, New Zealand First leader Winston Peters said today.
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Ah, so she does recognise rejection

April 6, 2009

So how did Prime Minister react, in the days and weeks after last year’s electoral drubbing?

Paul Holmes put the question to her husband, Peter Davis, on Q & A yesterday and was told:

I think she felt rejected basically, because she felt she’d done a good job which I also believe and had put her best foot forward and had been frankly an almost incomparable Prime Minister and yet somehow the public had not seen that the same way. So it took some time for her to frankly come to terms with that and if I was in that position I’d feel the same way I guess.

She should have felt rejected because she was rejected, along with her gang.

Dumped, spurned, given the electoral heave-ho, thrown on the political scrap-heap.
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