Early childhood teaching is seized by madness

June 22, 2009

Dunno what the ministry mandarins think they are up to, but Alf is astonished to learn Anna Farrell’s story of being forced out of early childhood education.

It’s a story of a mindless adherence to a strategy crafted some eight years ago, and involves – as these things too often do in the education business – an obstinate teachers’ union.

Farrell holds a bachelor of education degree in primary teaching and has worked in early childhood centres for 16 years.

Let’s repeat that. She has worked in early childhood centres for 16 years.

In that time, she has gained a Playcentre certificate and a diploma in music for early childhood education, and done courses to keep her up to date with changes in the sector.

She has also raised a child.

However, because her bachelor’s degree is not specifically in early childhood education, and she does not have a diploma in it either, she is not classified as “qualified” under the Ministry of Education’s funding regime.
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