Jamie Whyte must learn (we are told) that the media feast on a good quote but scrap the context

August 5, 2014

A bloke called Dave Armstrong, who seems to fancy himself as a newspaper columnist for the Dom-Post, has done a splendid job of bringing the attention of we politicians to the shortcomings of the news media.

Especially its inclination to seize on a spicy quote then remove the context.

Armstrong has added his voice to the chorus of anguished Kiwis who deplore anything that hints of racism, especially if it happens to involve special arrangements for our indigenous persons.

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Joris is back with some concerns about poverty – but leaves 100,000 or so kids out of considerations

July 27, 2012

It looks like the hacks at Stuff might not have got it quite right, when they reported what Joris de Bres told the Maori Affairs Select Committee.

The committee is holding an inquiry into the well-being of Maori children.

This was timely, coinciding with the release of the coroner’s report on the deaths of the Kahui kids.

The first sentence of the Stuff account of de Bres’ presentation (here) tells us –

Maori children are being denied their basic human rights, Race Relations Commissioner Joris de Bres said.


That’s awful.

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This flag has divided Maori and the Cabinet – so how is it going to unite the country, Boss?

December 15, 2009

Should we salute it...or cut it down?

John Key – apparently jet-lagged before he even takes off for Copenhagen – is suffering under the delusion this flag celebrates cultural diversity, is a symbol of unity and will enhance the country’s race relations.

Key and Maori Party co-leader Pita Sharples announced yesterday it will fly on the Auckland Harbour Bridge, at Parliament and at Premier House, the PM’s official residence, on Waitangi Day.

But Alf sees the flag as a symbol of Maori separatism and of racial divisiveness.

Maori are divided about the decision reached by the Cabinet.

The Cabinet was divided, too.

It might help (but not much) if Alf could understand what the flag represents.

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May I nibble a Swede?

January 16, 2009

Good questions have been raised at Kiwiblog, in the wake of the furore raised after two women were refused service at an Invercargill cafe because they come from Israel.

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Fuss over flags

January 15, 2009

BustedBlonde bothered me, at her Roarprawn blog site, with a one-word comment on news that Prime Minister John Key is supporting the flying of a Maori flag.

“Good,” she said (without bothering to justify this dubious position).

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