Does TVNZ serve a public purpose? Most certainly – its board offers job opportunities for veteran Nats

May 11, 2015

Alf has huge sympathy for the plonkers who run Television New Zealand, even though their outfit has egregiously failed to ever interview him.

These people are arguing they should be allowed to drop some of the election coverage that is required by law because of terrible ratings.

This concern to maintain high ratings does not square with their disinclination or refusal to interview Alf, which he is confident could only lift their ratings hugely.

Even so, there is something objectionable about being forced to broadcast something.

Especially speeches by Labour and Green Party leaders.

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Radio NZ pulls the plug on Waatea but we can tune in elsewhere for our special view of the world

May 12, 2011

Alf will miss the Waatea News bulletins from Radio New Zealand.

They are being scrapped – along with a couple of grand pianos – as part of the state broadcaster’s desperate efforts to operate within its budget.

But Waatea News is not being shut down and silenced as a consequence of this move.

Those of us whose ethnocentricity compels us to distinguish Maori science from science, Maori sport from sport, and Maori news from news can plug into Maori radio stations for our news fix.

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Cops are right to defend pig-hunting family

July 14, 2009

It’s great to see the cops coming to the defence of the Northland pig-hunter who became hopelessly lost with his deaf daughter and asthmatic son while pig hunting in dense bush at the weekend.

George Barbaer, 40, his 13-year-old daughter Trinity and six-year-old son George Junior built their own shelter and survived on chocolate and berries for two days as wild weather pounded the region, according to NZPA.

The trio were found safe and well on Sunday afternoon after going into the bush on Friday morning, prepared only for a day walk in the Mangamuka Ranges, about 40km southeast of Kaitaia.

They wore light clothes and had very little food with them.

The NZPA report posted on the Stuff site does not say whose chocolate they used. Alf suggests to Whittaker’s they check it out.

Maybe they could broaden their advertising claims in the battle with Cadbury. “Don’t be a sucker – take our choc as bush tucker”. Or something on those lines.
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