HIV, sex, ACC and the law – big questions are raised by Appeal Court and a coroner

March 13, 2012

There’s lots of fuss today about the implications of a Court of Appeal ruling that a woman should receive ACC compensation for the mental stress she suffered when she discovered a man with whom she had unprotected sex had HIV.

Alf has been brought up to speed by a Radio NZ report.

The court ruled the woman could not have given her full consent to sex because she was not told about the man’s HIV status.

Accordingly she was sexually violated and is now entitled to compensation.

The ruling opens up the possibility of HIV-infected people facing rape charges if they don’t reveal their status to partners.

Damned right, too.

Alf finds it monstrous that some randy HIV-infected person can indulge in rumpy-pumpy – thereby aiding and abetting in the spread of the disease – without telling the other party about his or her condition.

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Court staff should be pilloried – not the holidaying judge – after unfortunate aborting of a rape trial

February 27, 2010

Don’t believe everything the newspapers tell you in their increasingly desperate efforts to lure you into reading a story.

A good example pops up in the Weekend Herald: Holiday for judge aborts rape trial.

Bugger me, Alf thought. Have the wheels of justice ground to a halt in a rape case because the judge flitted off for a vacation?

Alf’s sense that the judge had caused some sort of judicial mayhem was heightened by the Herald’s introductory paragraph:

A rape complainant will be forced to give evidence twice after the trial of her alleged attacker was aborted because the judge went on an overseas holiday.

Good grief. Not only will the unfortunate complainant have to go through the ordeal of testifying and being cross-examined all over again.

Taxpayers will have to pay for a second trial.

The bloody judge should have stalled her holiday plans, surely.
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So why weren’t you outraged?

May 8, 2009

Dunno where the PR people got to, but they weren’t shrieking loudly enough to alert Alf to whatever was happening in Rape Awareness Week.

Actually it’s been Bee Week, too. And Asthma Week and Sign Language Week.

Alf can extend a couple of digits on one of his hands into a V shape to show – in his own sign language – what he think of it all.

But he found out what week it was – or has been – only when Pansy Wong put out a media statement.
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