Watch the investment bankers when the asset sales start – they can screw us without our noticing

May 25, 2011

Alf recently posted an item on bonking bankers.

Today he draws his constituents’ attention to their flair for screwing their clients – in the US, at least – when they are not screwing their mistresses.

A particulary shabby case has been highlighted in The New York Times.

The item spotted by Alf kicks off with a proposition that is glaringly obvious:

If there’s one thing we’ve all learned in the aftermath of the financial crisis, it’s that stiffing your client is not a crime. Not if you’re an investment bank.

The writer illustrates this with a couple of examples.

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Chinese land buyers will deal with anybody but Maori may be a bit more fussy

September 14, 2010

Alf is by no means astonished that somone is promoting the idea that Maori prefer to buy stuff from Maori rather than from non-Maori. To sell more stuff, accordingly, a business needs more Maori salespeople.

It’s just an extension of the idea promoted by Hone Harawira, the Maori Party MP (and hothead) that his offspring should only marry Maori.

But Alf would take issue with the notion that non-Maori are similarly guided by ethnic considerations when they pop into a shop to buy something, and that they prefer to deal with people of their own “culture” (a nice way of saying “race”).

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