Can anyone recall this idea being considered here? It’s the idea of recall petitions to rid us of rogue MPs

June 5, 2014

The Poms can come up with good ideas now and again, despite their fondness for morris dancing and sports like soccer.

Or rather, they can revitalise old ideas that are well worth the revitalising.

But they are apt to seize on such an idea, then modify it so much that it becomes almost pointless and they might just as well stick with the status quo.

This seems to have happened in the case of UK Government plans to allow voters to sack their MPs.

The Daily Mail today reports on the Queen’s Speech which included a mention of a long-awaited bill to allow MPs to be ‘recalled’ by constituents.

It will give constituents the opportunity to sign a petition demanding a by-election:

* If an MP is jailed; or

* If the House of Commons ‘resolves that an MP should face a recall petition’.

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