Italian migrants are welcome – but here’s hoping we find jobs for them on dry land

January 26, 2012

They are not so clever when it comes to captaining cruise liners, apparently.

Alf was delighted to read that that New Zealand is proving a favoured place for European immigrants trying to escape the economic downturn.

This reflects well on the country: it’s a great place to live in, although not too many of the migrants have yet discovered that Eketahuna is the best part of the country to live in.

It also reflects well on the Government in which Alf is proud to serve: our economic management obviously is superior to that of the governments in the countries from which the migrants are coming.

Or rather, these migrants obviously believe we run a good shop.

But the Herald today published some dastardly stuff about costs of living increasing in New Zealand and wages not increasing to match, while Australians enjoy longer lives and lower unemployment.

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The chances of recession gripping the US again are troubling – and NZ will be hit by the fallout

August 7, 2011

All eyes will be on this country tomorrow – all eyes from financiers and their analysts, anyway – after the latest blow struck to the battered world financial markets by America’s loss of its Triple-A credit rating.

New Zealand’s market, and then Austalia’s, will be the first in the world to have to deal with the shock waves.

The downgrading came late on Friday night in New York, after world markets had closed for the week.

So what does this stuff bring to the good people of Eketahuna North?

Uncertainty is the short answer.

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Nah, give the bloody grinch a break

November 30, 2009

The Dom-Post must think its readers are stupid. Its editors might be, but Alf – for one – knows better than to believe that…

The grinch – in the guise of the recession – has stolen the capital’s free Christmas Day bus services.

Free bus travel stolen by a grinch? Bollocks.

Worse, stolen by a grinch disguised as a recession?

That bullshit is the Dom-Post’s pathetic substitute for hard facts.

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Pointers to a bleak but not black Budget

May 8, 2009

Those who like sniffing out clues to what will be in the Budget would have learned nothing significant from The Boss yesterday, when he talked to Business New Zealand in Wellington.

Essentially, he destroyed any illusions about it being a generous budget that might have survived the release of the crown accounts for the nine months to March.

The accounts showed there ain’t much scope for extra spending without borrowing, and John Key and Bill English are reluctant borrowers.

On the other hand, Key (the previous day) was trying to disabuse us of the idea it will be black budget.

“I wouldn’t describe it as black, in fact we are spending a lot of extra money on health and education, but beyond that there is not a lot more to go around,” said Key.

Finance Minister Bill English said he would be scaling back some of the spending promises made by Labour, but there would still be increases.

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Let’s sing the bull song – or the bear one

April 6, 2009

Not for the first time, the news media are fascinated at finding The Boss is comparatively bullish about economic prospects over the next year or so, whereas Deputy Bill is more chary and hence bearish.

Alf suspects the media hacks spend their time scouring political statements for disparities. This is not as demanding as getting off your arse and finding real news.

And not as easy as finding someone – if there is such a creature – who can predict with authority our economic future.
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Bishop’s Slough of Despond

January 30, 2009

Alf has gone back to Radio New Zealand National’s infamous bunch of prattlers, The Panel, to pluck out another gloomy-guts to be punished for spreading blarney about our economic outlook.

Are they staffed with subversives at Radio NZ, nowadays, he wonders – broadcasters on the lookout for economic pessimists with the gift of the gab to spread their dyspepsia?

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Salute to the bearers of glad tidings

January 26, 2009

Praise where praise is due – and a special salute from Alf to the purveyors of GOOD NEWS about our economy.

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