Here’s hoping the West Coast stays blue and the locals retain a ruddy hue in their necks

April 12, 2011

But they don't serve lattes there, do they?

Alf is astonished to learn – and is disappointed, too – that a gay greenie from the West Coast reckons the place should no longer be regarded as a place where the blokes are real blokes.

The gay greenie in question is Kevin Hague, one of their List MPs, and he is saying he is “sick and tired” of the region’s residents being portrayed as rednecks.

This was triggered by Labour List MP Damien O’Connor’s red-blooded denunciation of the party’s list selection process, which he colourfully said was run by “self-serving unionists and a gaggle of gays”.

Labour leader Phil Goff demanded an apology from O’Connor. But he had enough political nous to say O’Connor’s comments could be viewed positively by West Coasters.

They are certainty being viewed positively by Alf’s mates in Eketahuna, although it’s fair to say they have the great good sense never to vote for Labour.

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How Hone deals with racists and rednecks

May 6, 2009

It’s always a treat, getting Hone Harawira’s latest thoughts on the big issues of the day.

In the column he has written this week for his local newspaper, he’s into racism and his ability to sniff out – and deal to – rednecks.

And then last week, a student wrote a complaint to everybody he could think of, about the language that I was using during a lecture I gave at Waikato University, and I was immediately reminded of the He Taua incident that I had been part of all those years ago, and how some things hadn’t changed very much at all.

Over more than 35 years of public speaking, I have learnt to “sniff out” a redneck in the audience, and it seems that last week at Waikato, I’d picked out another one.
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