Son of the Maori King appeared before a judge who takes booze and career prospects into account

July 4, 2014

If you can pitch a defence about how your career will be damaged, should you fall foul of the law, then try to arrange for Judge Philippa Cunningham to hear your case.

Appropriate expressions of remorse will go down well with her, too.

And she may well look kindly on you if she believes an addiction to booze or whatever has been your downfall and you are willing to be weaned off it.

We can only imagine what sentence she would have dished up had she handled the Rolf Harris case, because his career is over and a conviction will not bugger up his employment prospects.

But back in his younger days it’s reasonable to suppose he would have been given a break in Judge Cunningham’s court – provided he was remorseful, which he hasn’t been so far.

His name may well have been suppressed, too.


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Herald short-changes us with its account of a tosser who ran down a 91-year-old while checking his texts

September 11, 2010

A court report on the Herald website this morning is much, much too inadequate.

The same applies to the sentence meted out to the bugger who is the subject of the report.

Alf was drawn by a headline which said: Home detention for text driver

The teaser beneath said:

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