Greens would gag on humble pie

February 18, 2009

Alf admits to dozing, during debate culminating in an overhelming Parliamentary vote (112-9) to repeal the Electoral Finance Act.

But he rejoices that the vote, with strong cross-party support, delivers on the Government’s election promise to repeal the EFA within its first 100 days.

The Greens demonstrated what a weird mob they are, however, by trying to resist the repeal. For the rest of us, it was good riddance, and that includes the Labour MPs and their supporters who put the pernicious legislation on the law books in the first place.

As Newstalk ZB reported Labour had been forced to eat humble pie during the first stages of the repeal process.

Labour’s electoral reform spokesman David Parker again acknowledged the previous government got it wrong and produced an overly complicated regime. However Labour, the Greens and the Progressives are strongly urging that replacement electoral law must favour transparency and keep big money out of the political process.

It would be too much to expect the Greens to eat humble pie. As Alf understands it, Sue Kedgley keeps the poor buggers on a strict diet of muesli, lettuce and bird seed.

That’s not brain tucker, in Alf’s book, which is why the Greens co-leader – wotzisname who replaced Rod Donald – was banging on about there being no need to repeal the legislation. What planet is he on, let alone what diet?

Oh, and wasn’t that him Alf heard on Morning Report, whining about the legislation being repealed just to keep an election promise?

Good grief. Alf thought it was when governments fail to keep their election promises that they should be given the hurry-up from their opponents.

But don’t get the idea some sort of vacuum has been created. The Electoral Amendment Act 2009 contains an interim measure that reinstates the relevant provisions of the Electoral Act 1993 – the law that preceded the EFA. These deal with electoral finance and retain the donations regime from the EFA.

A very general outline of the new deal can be found in a media release from Justice Minister Simon Power.