Ha ! The republicans have been poll-axed by Kiwis charmed by the royals

April 20, 2014

Gotta say it has been mighty cheering to read that the royal visit “appears to have rekindled interest in the British monarchy”, with almost three quarters of respondents in a Waikato Times poll in favour of retaining the Queen as head of state.

The results have been rubbished by some tosser described as a leading republican, who says Will and Kate’s celebrity status should not be confused with genuine interest in constitutional change.

But a bloody republican would say that, wouldn’t he? Or she?

Alf never doubted it for a moment, but for the record:

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President Malcolm? The SST has gone beyond the pale with that idea for constitutional change

April 28, 2013

They’ve got to be kidding – aren’t they?

The awful tossers who run things at the Sunday Star-Times today have gone beyond the pale by tossing up the names of Robyn Malcolm, Dave Dobbyn and Jason Gunn as prospective Presidents of New Zealand.

Dame Susan Devoy, Richie McCaw and Bernece Mene are on the list too, plus two lefties – Geoffrey Palmer and Helen Clark – and just one obvious Nat, John Key, who already has a job as our leader.

The name of Alf Grumble is glaringly absent, but perhaps that’s because the editors at the Sunday rag recognise that Alf would never put his hand up as a candidate for President of NZ, because he happens to be a staunch monarchist, and sees this constitutional review nonsense as precisely that. Nonsense.

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Shearer shows his confusion: the weed should not be legalised, but let’s put one on our flag

December 17, 2011

Specially designed for kicking republican backsides.

This David Shearer tosser really knows how to raise Alf’s hackles.

Just for starters, he is a Labour Party MP, and for good measure he aspired to and became the leader of an ill-assorted bunch of fellow Labour MPs.

But more than that, Alf today has learned from the NZ Herald that Shearer is

* A republican who supports a new national flag,

* A social liberal on gay issues,

* And he believes New Zealand’s flag should be changed.

“Why should we have another country’s flag in our top corner? I’d rather see a fern [which] for me is the national emblem. How we do that [depends] on how people want to do it.

“We should be moving towards a republic.”

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Aussie flag polls unfurl some discomforting facts for foes of the Union Jack

February 8, 2010

An anti-Royalist tosser by name of Chris Ford, describing himself as a freelance writer and researcher based in Dunedin, should be hauled off to the Tower. But maybe he could plead he is mentally unfit to stand trial for lèse- majesté, sedition or some-such offence against the realm. That’s because he says on his blog he takes a left democratic socialist/social democratic perspective on the political issues of the day, and Alf reckons anybody who takes that position is intellectually enfeebled.

Today this Ford bugger is is championing the New Zealand Herald campaign for a new flag.

This was reinforced to me recently while crossing the Anzac Bridge in Sydney. Atop the bridge fly the two flags of the Anzac nations. Personally (along with most New Zealanders) I can distinguish our flag from the Australian ensign. However, to a foreign visitor who is not familiar with Australasia, it can be confusing to discern one flag from another.

Australia and New Zealand’s respective decisions to adopt the British Union Jack ensign design and the Southern Cross at dominionhood a century ago has created this confusion. Besides, the retention of the Union Jack in the top left hand corner of both flags has some visitors probably thinking that we are still distant colonies of the UK. Probably it has had to be pointed out to some visitors on occasion that we’re not.

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