Magistrate will be put straight – so to speak – about his Christian thinking on families and gays

January 18, 2015
Nowadays we send our heretics to an equality course.

Nowadays we send our heretics to an equality course.

The Brits had us believing they are strongly in support of democratic freedoms – such as freedom of expression – after the recent murders of several members of a satirical magazine’s staff in Paris.

They were banging on about the rights of the magazine’s writers and cartoonists to PUBLICLY mock Muslims and their religion.

But a magistrate in Britain has been disciplined for PRIVATELY expressing his view that children should be raised by a traditional family – one with a mother and mother – rather than by one of these modern arrangements whereby a gay couple can marry and raise kids.

It so happens Alf shares the magistrate’s view on this matter.

He therefore understands why the magistrate was shocked when he learned he had been reported to the judges’ watchdog in the United Kingdom for alleged prejudice and was suspended from sitting on family court cases.

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