The Boss has gone too far in rating Catton with McCaw and The Mad Butcher as a political pundit

February 2, 2015
A luminary whose opinions should be given lots of weight.

A luminary whose opinions should be given lots of weight.

It looks like The Boss has had an unfortunate rush of blood to the head.

He has been advising the public to give Eleanor Catton’s criticisms of his government no more credence than those of The Mad Butcher or Richie McCaw.

Alf regards this as very bad advice.

He happens to have a very high regard for the views of the Mad Butcher and Richie McCaw on any topic you might care to discuss.

The Boss should have said the views of Eleanor Catton should be given no more credence than the views of contributors to The Standard, the Daily Blog, and/or several other left-leaning blogs Alf could nominate.

He can understand why we MPs with a lean to the right have hastened to heap scorn upon the remarks uttered by Catton, author of The Luminaries and winner of the Man Booker Prize, at the Jaipur Literary Festival in India.

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It will be a bugger of a job trying to work out which J.McSweeney should be given a wide berth

January 29, 2011

A great role model - except, perhaps, for J.McSweeney.

Somewhere around New Zealand is a bloke or sheila known to Alf and the public only as J McSweeney.

It’s a pity we don’t have a better fix on the identity of this J.McSweeney – a particularly precious and prissy person, it would appear – because there are bound to be heaps of admirable J. McSweeneys out there, and the whole point of this post is to warn all sensible folk to give the J.McSweeney in question a very wide berth.

It’s almost as perlexing as trying to work out which 46-year-old celebrity had been done for disorderly conduct after his name had been suppressed and before he outed himself as Martin Devlin.

Similarly, without knowing one J.McSweeney from another, it is hard to take heed of Alf’s warning. Accordingly we might accidently bump into the J.McSweeney who is best avoided and – too late – find that, yes, this is one who is boorish and totally and utterly lacking in a sense of humour and fun.

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Enterprising All Blacks should be offside with all of us until they start peddling the water of life

December 20, 2009
A good reason to

Want to know why we should avoid water? Here's what frisky fish do to it with their spawning habits.

The All Blacks too often leave Alf disappointed, for their antics off the field as well as their performances on it.

The three All Blacks accused of short-changing former partners in a bottled water business serve as an example.

Richie McCaw, Dan Carter and Ali Williams have been accused of collecting business contacts from three associates in one company, then dumping them to set up a rival operation.

But Carter and McCaw’s lawyer Warren Alcock strongly rejected the allegations yesterday.

“I’ve been advising Richie for 10 years and Dan for about eight, and I have never known them in anything they’ve done – in life, business or rugby – that hasn’t been above the line,” he said.

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