Zero tolerance might be a nice little earner for the Govt but we must ask if it is much of a life-saver

January 5, 2015
And let's get rid of these bloody trees while we're at it...

And let’s get rid of these bloody trees while we’re at it…

A few weeks before Christmas the cops were warning that anyone exceeding the speed limit this summer could expect to be pulled over, regardless of whether there was a 4kmh speed tolerance.

According to this report at Stuff at the time, the warning came as police moved towards zero tolerance of speeding after a successful campaign last summer when fatalities dropped 22 per cent.

“Anything over the limit is speeding and anyone speeding can expect to be pulled over,” police assistant commissioner, road policing, Dave Cliff said

The reasoning looked sound enough and the revenue stream is to be welcomed by your fiscally responsible government:

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A bit of carnage in the newsrooms wouldn’t go astray, if it rids us of beat-ups and hyperbole

November 9, 2014
Attention hacks and headline writers - this is what carnage looks like.

Attention hacks and headline writers – this is what carnage looks like.

It’s time the pest exterminators were moved in to rid us of the hyperbolic beat-up bozos who infest the nation’s newsrooms.

The beat-up brigade’s simple mission is to take an accident and turn it into a catastrophe simply by amplifying the language.

Their malevolent misuse of the English language results in politicians lashing out at their critics, rather than responding to them.

Likewise a few unfortunate deaths are converted into “carnage”.

A few deaths do not amount to carnage, of course.

The definitions Alf dug up here show it means:

Massive slaughter, as in war; a massacre.

Extensive slaughter, esp of human beings in battle

The slaughter of a great number of people.

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How do we reduce the road toll and beer consumption? By going to pot

December 4, 2011

Alf has become a convert to the call for legalising marijuana for medical purposes.

This – he argues – will help to reduce the road toll.

It will reduce beer consumption for good measure.

Yep, he knows he was right behind the Government earlier this year, when it rejected on the Law Commission’s recommendation to conduct clinical trials for the medicinal use of cannabis.

But hey – we live and learn.

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If they are horrified by two road deaths, how will they respond to the death toll from killer cucumbers?

May 30, 2011

It's grim when these things start killing us.

A headline on the inevitable road toll story that adorns the Herald’s pages on Mondays is a load of bollocks.

The headline reads Cops despair at deadly roads

The caption beneath a photo was just as silly:

“Two die in grim weekend on NZ’s deadliest roads.”

So where in the story do we find why these have been labelled NZ’s deadliest roads?

Alf is still looking.

The buggers who write this rubbish should be celebrating the fact that only two people were killed.

We have had a weekend of good weather in which thousands of people were out on our roads, driving in opposite directions often on narrow bands of highway or street and often at speed.

Remarkably few collide.

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