Apartment owner’s complaint amounts to a further erosion of the right to discriminate

January 7, 2012

Alan Witcombe may well be a decent bloke, in most other respects.

But Alf is glad he is not a neighbour, because this Witcombe feller seems apt to treat the peace and quiet of a neighbourhood with a cavalier disrespect.

Why so?

Well, he is kicking up a hullabaloo about a ban on brats and sprats which he wishes to over-ride.

Because he couldn’t over-ride the rules, he has complained to the bloody Human Rights Commission to have them over-ridden.

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Invercargill is declared a non-city – but the Southland Times is more concerned with spotting mice

August 20, 2011

A very puzzling media statement came Alf’s way yesterday.

It was issued by an outfit called Concerned Citizens and it called for Invercargill residents to be banned from Parliament Grounds.

Such a ban would not matter a toss to the good people of Eketahuna North, so Alf did not pursue it.

He thought the Southland Times might delve further, however.

But nah.

The Southland Times has become preoccupied with delapidated houses and – good grief – the menace posed by the mice they attract.

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