Just the thing for a Super City – some super cost cuts, like shutting down the museum or something

November 19, 2010

It's a bit of a dump, but better than living in Auckland.

Alf is by no means surprised to learn that big savings are not being made as a consequence of all that Super City stuff.

ACT’s Rodney Hide – as was posted here in May last year – had been much too gung-ho about the Auckland restructuring and not half as concerned about the implementation costs as his track record on accountability would have us believe.

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A good old-fashioned sacking worked in Canterbury – so why not with the maddening Mayor of Moscow?

September 29, 2010

Moscow's Red Square early in August ... can anyone see the Mayor?

Alf is delighted to report that Russian President Dmitry Medvedev has taken a leaf out of the Key Government’s book on how to deal with pain-in-the-arse local body politicians.

Dmitry has sacked Moscow mayor Yuri Luzhkov.

This Luzhkov bloke has been Mayor of Russia’s capital since 1992.

Sky News credits him with transforming Moscow from a grey Soviet city into a glitzy, gritty showcase of the nation’s booming economy and its glaring problems.

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David Garrett shows the way for unwanted MPs but Chris Carter seems unlikely to follow

September 24, 2010

Chris Carter has been given 500 good reasons for wanting to leave the Labour Party without being kicked out for trying to undermine leader Phil Goff.

If he were to stay with the cash-strapped party, they would tap him for $500 for a war-chest to fight the Mana by-election campaign.

Whether or not the party kicks him out, the sad bugger lacks David Garrett’s sense of what is the decent thing to do, although this might be explained by his having nothing much else to do except politics.

Garrett has resigned from Parliament.

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An ACT of ingratitude – we go out to bat for Rodney, only to have Douglas disparage us

September 23, 2010

Catching up with Australia would be great - but how far down has it gone already?

You would think the tossers in the ACT Party were grateful for the PM’s willingness to express his support for Rodney Hide as a Minister.

Not a bit of it.

As a consequence Prime Minister John Key has to smile sweetly and say he is unbothered by an ACT Party campaign that apparently portrays him with his head in the sand on economic matters.

On the other he is telling Parliament that Rodney Hide is a fit and proper bloke to be a Minister.

Never mind the abominably bad judgement shown by Hide when he wore a yellow jacket, took his girlfriend around the world at the expense of taxpayers, and encouraged David Garrett to become an MP to champion tougher law and order measures despite knowing about Garrett’s dodgy track record in the law and order department.

Alf can only say The Boss is a remarkably decent bloke.

Or a remarkably realistic one, more likely, who knows full well that without the support of ACT MPs in Parliament he becomes discomfortingly dependent on the ethno-centric Maori Party.

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The trouble with being rid of Rodney is the prospect of being held hostage by Hone

September 20, 2010

Is anyone pissed off with my leadership down there?

Thanks to the antics of the ACT Party, Alf could not tuck into his breakfast this morning. He was deeply troubled.

More particularly, Alf lost interest in his breakfast thanks to the highlighting of a political consequence if the ACT Party was holding too few seats in Parliament

His appetite for bacon and eggs with a few slices of black pudding and fried bread was thoroughly ruined by Claire Trevett, writing in the Dom-Post about Rodney Hide and the political support he believes he still commands.

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The challenge (if anyone gives a toss) is to fit ACT’s name more aptly with its shabby image

September 18, 2010

Alf is fascinated by speculation that Don Brash might – or should – ride to the rescue of the ACT mob.

The speculation has been incorporated in a Herald account of David Garrett’s resignation from ACT in disgrace and the criticisms being heaped on Rodney Hide (and his judgment) after he acknowledged he supported Garrett as a candidate even after learning of details of his passport scam, including the use of a dead child’s identity.

Mind you, some of that criticism comes from the Labour side of the political divide and for that reason on any other occasion would be discounted.

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So which one is Inspector Frost and which one is a Kiwi who came under the influence of The Jackal?

September 17, 2010

Alf has alerted British authorities to his suspicions about the real identity of one of their best known police officers.

He refers, of course, to Inspector Frost, a gritty cop (and much admired by the British people) who did his crime-busting thing in Denton, in the British Midlands.

Alf suspects the real Inspector Frost is none other than a disgraced New Zealand member of Parliament, who landed his job as an MP not because he was popular with his electorate, but because the ACT Party saw fit to place him fairly high on its list.

The MP is known in this country as David Garrett, although Alf does not discount the possibility this might be an alias.

Unlike Inspector Frost, Garrett is a bloke who would have no show of winning votes in Eketahuna North, and – Alf wold venture – would be unlikely to attract votes anywhere else in this country if he stood for election in a constituency.

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Alas, the questions that need asking about Jim Anderton’s mayoralty prospects may not get an airing

September 7, 2010

Alf is more than a tad miffed.

It seems the buggers who decide these things have agreed we won’t have Question Time in Parliament tomorrow.

Alf picked up the news from Radio NZ, in an item about the PM cancelling his trip to Europe to stay at home and deal with the aftermath of the Canterbury earthquake.

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An MP called Tashkoff? Nyet, but they might have a bloke of that name in the Kremlin

August 25, 2010

The Herald isn’t as familiar as it should be with the make-up of Act’s gang of five in Parliament.

None of the gang – last time Alf looked – was named Pete Tashkoff.

So how come the Herald website today has a news headline: Act MP to contest Hide’s seat.

Then there’s a photo captioned: Act MP Peter Tashkoff.

The first para of their report says that Act MP Peter Tashkoff has announced he will contest party leader Rodney Hide for the seat of Epsom.

The people responsible for this bit of prose obviously are mathematically challenged.
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The awful secret that Hide wants to hide – the bugger is biased against blondes

August 19, 2010

An obvious victim of blondism.

The media morons, ever so quick to whip up a row around racism if Hone Harawira is involved, have missed the obvious in their analysis of what’s been going on in the Act Party.

The obvious is that Act has a majority of blondists in its caucus – three of the buggers – who got rid of Heather Roy because she is a blonde.

The media, alas, has become so preoccupied with racism, sexism and homophobia that it has neglected this area of prejudice.

Society prefers not to discuss this form of prejudice, either.

Alf imagines that if you took a blondist complaint to the Human Rights Commission, you would be laughed out of the joint.

Mind you, he happens to believe that every complaint ever taken to the outfit should be laughed out of the joint, which should be pulled down and its inhabitants sent into the world to find proper jobs.

He upholds the right of all of us – and especially him – to be thoroughly prejudiced, including against blondes, baldies numbskulls and short-arsed tossers who wear yellow jackets.
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