Lesson from the Whitireia student shambles: keep an eye on executive candidates for peeping toms

August 17, 2010

Alf has been working on a private member’s bill that would bar Whitireia Polytechnic students from voting in general elections, and maybe from all local government elections, too.

He was concerned that the students have demonstrated bad judgement by casting their votes in favour of a candidate who – it turns out – had a bothersome blot on his copy-book.

They voted on to their executive a bloke called Tai Te Karu, who became their union vice-president.

At least, Alf assumes they voted him on. They do vote for those positions, don’t they?

If so, how well did they inform themselves about the qualities of the candidates to whom they would be handing stewardship of their compulsory student fees?

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Nah, a stalwart Nat would not pervert the meaning of charity beginning at home – would he?

March 6, 2010

The Weekend Herald brought upsetting news to Alf this morning. It carries a report about the police charging a former Government minister with abusing his ex-MP perk of taxpayer-subsidised flights.

If this were an Opposition MP, of course, it would be great news. If it were a Green MP, even greater – a champagne opener.

But the allegations (and that’s what they are, folks, they are nothing more) have been laid against a former party colleague.

Not a bad bloke either, although he tumbled in Alf’s esteem when he took up the job of Children’s Commissioner.
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