What’s the difference between the HMNZS Wellington and a toothfish? The fish has teeth

January 15, 2015
More teeth than the NZ Navy.

More biting power than the NZ Navy.

When the Member for Eketahuna North thunders his demand that we sink the toothfish pirates in Antarctic waters, the hacks at Radio NZ ignore him.

When the former Mayor of a sister town in the Wairarapa, Carterton, calls for the navy to use its fire power, the hacks jump to attention and give him top billing on their news bulletins.

But he’s a New Zealand First MP, not a National one.

Go figure.

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Zero tolerance might be a nice little earner for the Govt but we must ask if it is much of a life-saver

January 5, 2015
And let's get rid of these bloody trees while we're at it...

And let’s get rid of these bloody trees while we’re at it…

A few weeks before Christmas the cops were warning that anyone exceeding the speed limit this summer could expect to be pulled over, regardless of whether there was a 4kmh speed tolerance.

According to this report at Stuff at the time, the warning came as police moved towards zero tolerance of speeding after a successful campaign last summer when fatalities dropped 22 per cent.

“Anything over the limit is speeding and anyone speeding can expect to be pulled over,” police assistant commissioner, road policing, Dave Cliff said

The reasoning looked sound enough and the revenue stream is to be welcomed by your fiscally responsible government:

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New York judge puts the brakes on boy and girl racers from the tender age of four

January 6, 2011

Wonder if I'll need liability insurance.

Ever been run down by a brat on a bike?

Victims (or their relatives) know how to deal with the little buggers in New York. They can sue sue them.

Alf missed this gratifying news at the time it was published – 28 October last year – but he has found it among the best-read items of 1010 now being highlighted on the NYT”s web-site.

And it says – oh joy – that a judge has ruled a four-year-old can be sued.

Those hand-wringing tossers at the Children’s Commissioners’ office and other assorted wankers would ensure such a thing can’t happen in this country.

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