The magic of building Rodney’s Super City – the costs are mystifying but “miniscule”

June 4, 2010

Rodney Hide is gung ho about what he has done and is doing for the restructuring of local government in Auckland and bringing relief to ratepayers.

He’s much too gung ho for Alf’s liking, actually, and is bound to come a cropper.

The final legislation setting up the rules and responsibilities of the Super City has been passed into law after Parliament passed the Bill that finalises the roles of local boards and the council’s management of its companies.

More ominously, as TVNZ reports:

There are claims this morning that the costs for setting up the Auckland Super City are spiralling out of control.

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Would a bit of lolly break the brown boycott?

December 4, 2009

Oh dear, what a shame – but (on second thoughts) who exactly gives a toss?

That’s Alf’s response to the mana whenua groups reported to be considering boycotting Auckland supercity’s proposed Maori statutory board.


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We can count on costs-rigid Rodney

April 9, 2009

We should be troubled by gung-ho Rodney Hide at the best of times, if only because he willingly flaunted his dubious ballroom dancing prowess on television and wore yellow jackets during the election campaign.

His enthusiasm for the break-neck restructuring of Auckland is to be commended, but there’s a bothersome aspect to what has been unveiled so far: he doesn’t know what it will cost.

At least, not yet.

We can count on his finding out before he goes too far with the creation of a Super City, of course.

Costs and benefits are important to him and the way he thinks about public policy.
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