They weren’t serving vintage champagne at the Palace, so a knees-up at the Goring looked a better bet

May 2, 2011

Yes, we will - but where?

Lambcut got her knickers in an unnecessary twist yesterday at the Roarprawn site. Alf recommends she replace the elastic.

She was right to remind us that the Windsors are a deeply weird lot. This comes from inter-breeding among fellow royals over many centuries, giving their blood an admirable blue hue but otherwise being genetically harmful. New breeding stock in the form of the splendid Kate Middleton, whose great grandfather was a miner, should help remedy this defect.

And it’s true that their real name is Saxe-Coburg-Gotha, but they changed it out of embarrassment about their family connections to the Germans at a time when your Germans were behaving in a very bellicose manner towards the Brits, and their hostility had nothing much to do with anything that happened on the football pitch.

Lambcut then gets herself into trouble –

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Bishop Pete obviously forgot the line of command when he exposed himself as a republican

November 24, 2010

Could he be a defrocked bishop?

Alf reckons he can explain the accompanying picture.

It shows a man who was captured on Google Street View. He apparently is climbing into the boot of his car while naked.

A dog lies nearby surrounded by the contents of the sports car’s boot.

The image has prompted a rash of internet speculation over what activity the man could be involved in.

Alf’s firm suspicion is that he is a defrocked bishop, probably stripped of his clerical raiment for saying outrageously provocative things about The Royal Family.

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