Why is Alf still waiting? Gerry Brownlee should come up with the answer and some help – or else

June 7, 2014
Gerry Brownlee will be lobbied by Alf (in Eketahuna North) to help Alf (in Christchurch). lobbying Gerry to help be neeIf

Gerry Brownlee will be lobbied by Alf (in Eketahuna North) to help Alf (in Christchurch).

Mrs Grumble was somewhat jolted by a headline at Stuff this morning.

It read…

Why is Alf still waiting?

She supposed the parliamentary hacks at Stuff – at long last – had been musing on the PM’s failure to make much better use of the member for Eketahuna North’s vast energy and administrative and political prowess.

No doubt they were wondering why Alf was still sitting on the back benches where those talents were being wasted and the nation – surely – was suffering as a consequence.

But Mrs Grumble soon found she should not read too much into a headline.

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Let’s celebrate a bit of political togetherness – when it comes to our perks, we MPs can stand as one

August 10, 2013

Never thought you would hear this from the true-blue Member for Eketahuna North – but Labour’s Ruth Dyson has got something right at long last.

As chairwoman of the select committee that has sorted things out on the important matter of the travel perks we MPs enjoy, and have earned, she has stood up and said the Speaker of the House is the proper authority to set our allowances.

Not an independent body outside Parliament.

Hence we have that rare thing in Parliament: agreement between Government and opposition MPs.

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Crumbs – is bread the only way to stop these birth defects?

July 20, 2009

It’s galling to hear Labour’s Ruth Dyson rabbiting on about the prospect of the Cabinet deciding to take time out while we look harder into folating our bread.

Dyson told Radio NZ she’s outraged that the Government has let emotion overrule logic. Then she rattled off some numbers that seem to belong more in the emotion category than the logic one.

She reckons between now and the time a fresh decision is reached in 2012, more than 50 children will have been born with spina bifida, and some of those children – “probably about half” – could have been spared that fate by the introduction of folic acid into our bread.

Prime Minister John Key will be “denying them that chance.”

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Burgeoning burger business good for jobs

June 25, 2009

A deal struck between Work and Income and McDonalds sounds great to Alf, which means we can count on it being dumped on by Greenie grouch Sue Kedgley. He’s surprised she hasn’t issued her condemnatory press release already.

Under the deal, thousands of beneficiaries could soon be flipping burgers, to provide customers with food they want regardless of Kedgley’s daft dietary demands.

The urge to munch burgers is so great – it seems – that McDonald’s is aiming to open 30 new restaurants over the next five years.

Social Development Minister Paula Bennett revealed the agreement during a select committee meeting at Parliament yesterday. The agreement will provide up to 7000 unemployed for the fast-food chain’s restaurant expansion plans over the next five years.
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It’s a bit late now for Labour’s needle

April 4, 2009

A tiresome Labour threesome, Annette King, Grant Roberston and Ruth Dyson, apparently had nothing better to do yesterday than attempt to embarrass National (or try to) for consequences of the Clark Government’s shortcomings.

They are howling for Health Minister Tony Ryall to “urgently investigate what’s gone wrong with child cancer services at Wellington Hospital, and reassure parents that systems are in place to ensure the service works for the region’s children.”

Their howls were prompted – just a few months into the first term of the Key Government – by two child cancer oncologists quitting from jobs at Wellington Hospital to take up jobs in North America.
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