A young bloke’s frozen sperm will become the stuff of heated legal argument about its lawful use

January 4, 2015

The sperm from a young filmmaker who died 11 years ago has become the stuff of legal argument.

It’s the sperm of Cameron Duncan, who shared his battle with bone cancer through his short films before his death in November 2003 aged just 17.

According to this report in the Herald on Sunday:

Eleven years on, the case is poised to make legal history.

Before he started chemotherapy, Duncan banked sperm for later use. He made no secret of his wish to father a child in the future and wanted his sperm preserved.

It is understood he signed paperwork giving his mother ownership rights to the sperm if he died.

But it’s not as simple as that in a country with committees set up to regulate just about everything we do.

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Tories say they were heavied by party bosses to support legislation on same-sex marriage

May 31, 2013

Gotta say it’s great being the long-serving member for Eketahuna North, rather than the member for a British constituency sitting in the House of Commons in London.

For starters, Alf fancies himself more as a House of Lords sort of bloke.

But if he had to settle for the Commons, he would be sitting there as a Conservative (and a proudly deeper-blue Tory than some others in that great party).

Accordingly he would have bridled, had he been warned his career and seat would be at risk if he did not back gay marriage in a free vote.

But there is a strong whiff that the consciences of MPs were tampered with to nudge them to vote in favour of allowing poofs to marry.

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Louisa Wall strikes again – now we must consider having two mums named on a birth certificate

May 25, 2013

Haven’t had time to check out all the issues yet, but Alf is fascinated by the questions raised by one Rowen Sullivan, a lass who reckons she has two mums. According to a story about her at Stuff today, she wants to have them both recognised as her parents.

But for that to happen she will have to change the law.

Strictly speaking, for this to happen Parliament would have to change the law.

But our Parliament has become astonishingly liberal on these matters in recent years and she will find lots of sympathetic ears.

Actually, she has found one – as we will see further down in this post.

And she is following a process that may well put Alf in the position of having to vote on the matter, which is what prompted him to look at some of the issues.

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