Now that a citizen’s arrest has gone awry, let’s see how well Peter Bethune can do humble

May 28, 2010

As a long-committed anti-wailer, Alf would like to harpoon the bloody Greens who are spouting about the Government failing to support Peter Bethune.

Why we should support this Bethune bloke is beyond Alf’s ken. He is a New Zealand citizen, true, and he has gone on trial in foreign parts.

But he should go on trial, surely – or maybe be banged up in an institution for the bewildered and the barmy.

Let’s face it: he was daft enough to clamber aboard the Shonan Maru II, the security ship of the Japanese whaling fleet, during the annual cull of the sea mammals somewhere down near the Antarctic.

His bizarre objective was to make a citizen’s arrest.

The foolish venture is recalled by Stuff in its report on the court case:

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