Is that Moby Dick’s spout on the horizon, Cap’n Ahab – or is it one of them political dicks?

March 14, 2010

It's a whale of a whanger (or a whanger of a whale)...

... but Jumbo's is impressive too.

The Busted Blonde deliciously illustrated a posting on that Peter Bethune bugger with a picture of a penis. A whale’s penis.

Alf does not intend contesting the proposition that a whale’s penis is bigger than an elephant’s. But he understands that, for its size, the elephant has the bigger appendage.

Interesting, eh?

But actually, this posting is not about which creature has the bigger penis. Alf is more fascinated in musing on who is the bigger dick.

The candidates this morning are Labour wailer Chris Carter and anti-whaler Bethune.
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There’s one reason (maybe) to get Bethune off the Shonan Maru – but would it stop the headlines?

February 20, 2010

The missus of buccaneering Pete Bethune, the barmy bloke who boarded the Shonan Maru 2 in the early hours of Sunday morning, has made a great case for leaving him where he is, which probably is locked up in the brig.

It’s that he is nothing but an attention-seeker and headline-grabler.

At least one Labour MP wants the Government to step in and get him off the boat which he voluntarily climbed aboard to make an impossible if not preposterous citizen’s arrest.

“Pete Bethune is a great New Zealander and deserves more support than he’s currently getting from the Government,” said Labour MP Darien Fenton on the blog Red Alert.

But why?

To give him more publicity, which seems to be his oxygen?
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Damn – today’s warbling tells us there’s still life (but not much sense) in the Alliance

January 18, 2010

Great news for ornithologists with a political bent. The Lesser Warbling Alliance is not extinct.

A member of this strange species was heard warbling – about whales, of all things – this morning.

Conservationists probably will clamour to protect the wee rascal, but Alf regards it as a pest.

He did not have his shotgun handy by his bed. Otherwise he would have had a go at silencing the bugger before it flitted off.

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