The curious tale of a pot-growing wierdo’s culinary capers with an unpalatable seal

December 12, 2009

So how can the law protect it now?

If Platon Malakhov invites you to dinner, make bloody sure you check out what he will be serving before you accept.

Malakhov, who lives in Karamea, stole and tried to eat a seal carcass because he had an unusual diet and often ate road kill, the Westport District Court has been told.

The NZ Herald tells us today the 32-year-old Malakhov, formerly of Russia, pleaded guilty to possessing a sealskin, and cultivation of cannabis when he appeared in court.

His lawyer Doug Taffs said Malakhov, self-employed, had been walking along a Karamea beach, north of Westport, on November 4, when he came across a dying seal. He returned several hours later to find it dead and decided to take it home with him.

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