Don’t bother smiling in taxis: there’s a fair chance you won’t be caught by the security camera

July 8, 2013

It looks like the taxi industry is trying to take someone for a ride.

It is reported to be fearful that an increase in violent attacks on drivers will result from criminals becoming aware that as many as half the security cameras installed in cabs do not work properly.

Let’s have a replay of this concern.

The industry is fearful that criminals will wake up to the fact that as many as half the security cameras installed in cabs don’t work properly.

Accordingly there will be an increase in violent attacks on drivers.

Yep. The nature of the concern is all too apparent.

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Wainuiomata students – it transpires – are behind a scheme to flush away privacy in the school dunnies

August 1, 2011

The buggers who go to school here put hygiene ahead of privacy.

They must be a repressive bunch, the buggers in charge of Wainuiomata High School.

Voyeuristic too.

Or so it seemed at first blush.

First blush, of course, was news of security cameras being installed to pry into goings-on in the school dunnies.

Bloody hell.

Today it has come to light that the school is intent not only on suppressing groping and smoking.

Stuff tells us they are intent on dealing a knockout blow to boxing matches, too.

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Hobson’s choice for cabbies – if their passengers don’t mug them, Steven Joyce will

October 20, 2010

Mugger be buggered...I'm here to collect your fine.

Cabbies have good cause to be pissed off with meddling law-makers.

Too often they are mugged by their passengers.

But all is not lost. Those who are really bothered by the prospect of being attacked and robbed could do something about it and install security cameras

Nanny State prefers compulsion.

Stuff reports today on a raft of measures developed by the New Zealand Transport Agency including – disgracefully – hefty penalties for non-compliance.

The agency has done this after the Cabinet agreed to make cameras in taxis compulsory in a bid to improve driver safety after a spate of attacks.

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HoS gets it wrong when it tries to tell us the snooping businessman in sneaky photos case is a “politician”

May 16, 2010

Alf takes great umbrage at the headline atop an item in the HoS this morning: Politician’s covert sex cam


Businessman, actually.

The only hint of politics that Alf can find in his career is a failed attempt to become mayor of Kawerau a few years ago.

On the strength of this failed attempt – the bugger took an electoral clobbering, in fact – the HoS opts to portray him as a politician –

A former mayoral candidate accused of secretly filming a woman living in a house he owned says he was only doing what any other “red-blooded male” would have done.

Pat Norris, 53, is believed to be the first person charged with publishing material under anti-covert-filming laws brought in about five years ago.

He faces four charges of publishing an intimate visual recording and one of intentionally making an intimate visual recording.

The Nelson resident who contested the Kawerau mayoralty three years ago, said he would vigorously defend the charges and denied being a “sexual deviant”.

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