McCully should think about a ban on Aussies, during the Rugby World Cup, if he wants good behaviour

December 29, 2010

The descendants of this mob should be kept out during the Rugby World Cup.

Dunno if Alf dreamt it, but he thought he heard a Radio NZ National news item about Murray McCully and the Rugby World Cup. But he couldn’t find a record of it on the web when he looked.

McCully – of course – is Minister for the Rugby World Cup, the job which Alf believes he should have been given.

If Alf heard the item correctly, McCully is urging New Zealanders to be on their best behaviour to impress the hordes of overseas visitors who will come here for the rugby, the beer and what-have-you.

Here’s hoping they get the message in Kaikoura, because it seems the folks down there – or some of them – have been behaving very badly in recent times.

Some of the women, you will be dismayed to learn, are far from lady-like and are apt to bring their choppers to bear on their victims, more like sharks than the whales for which the town is world-renowned.

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