Gender benders have their PEE cut off

May 15, 2009

Lots of shrieking and wailing has been heard in recent days, and desperate lefties have dragged the long-departed Kate Sheppard into an equal-pay furore in a bizarre attempt to shame the government.

Words like “tragedy” have been thrown into the furore, too, although – so far as Alf knows – no-one had been killed.

Actually, nothing has happened except the Government decided to abolish the Department of Labour’s Pay and Employment Equity Unit (at least one report abbreviated it to PEE, much to Alf’s delight).

Council of Trade Unions president Helen Kelly howled that the decision to shut down PEE shows “an absolute disregard for the thousands of women workers in this country whose work is undervalued simply because they are women.”
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An un-hapi time at Sealord

March 2, 2009

Just a few days after the Job Summit, Nelson-based Sealord is cutting at least 180 jobs and creating 50 in what Businessday describes as “a major restructure aimed at boosting its flagging financial performance and adapting to tougher economic times”.

The net result is 130 jobs down the gurgler. At least, it is if Alf has done his sums correctly, which can’t be guaranteed at this time of day.

‘Sealord’s core business unit, its New Zealand based fishing operations, has been earning returns significantly below its cost of capital for several years,” Sealord chief executive Graham Stuart said.

Inevitably, the trade unions are crying foul.
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