Harpie hounding of Sir Tim Hunt is an ominous sign of what happens when hens rule the roost

June 20, 2015

Oh dear. Alf has a career dilemma to sort out.

For some time he has been obsequiously deferential to The Boss, in the hope he will be rewarded with a Cabinet job.

He will continue to do so until The Boss steps down.

But it’s in anticipation of this stepping down that Alf has a problem.

He recognises that when The Boss moves on, someone else will be our leader and Alf will have a new arse to lick to start currying favour with a new leader.

Mrs Grumble is urging him to start now and not wait till the leadership change has been made.

But deciding with whom favour(s) should be curried is the challenge.

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Here’s hoping Jackie doesn’t get into a silly fuss about the dearth of sheilas on the rugby board

April 16, 2013

Gotta say it’s damned disappointing to see Jackie Blue – splendid lady – taking up what looks like a hand-wringingly dreary job as Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner.

Justice Minister Judith Collins announced the appointment (here) today.

Trouble is, Jackie’s appointment requires her resignation as an MP. She will take up her new job on 4 June.

This opens absolutely new opportunity for Alf’s promotion, as the appointment of Tim Groser to head the World Trade Organisation would do.

Second, if we had no Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner, we could save a bundle of money without in any way harming our society.

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Gotta give the British PM full marks for bottle – he has gone for talent instead of a gender quota

September 16, 2012

But if we got rid of all the sheilas, who would make the tea?

Let’s admire David Cameron’s balls.

Alf means “balls” in the sense that the British PM has lots of bottle, rather than that he necessarily has a titanic (or otherwise attractive) set of testicles.

Cameron has demonstrated this by changing his ministerial pecking order and putting a bunch of ministerial sheilas in their place by so doing.

No doubt this is their rightful place, but they are squawking about sexism and so on.

And dammit, some who feel they have been hard done by have burst into tears. Allegedly.

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Here’s to well-heeled women

February 2, 2009

For years Alf’s blood pressure has been raised whenever he hears of the latest antics of equal-rights champions and the busy-body bleatings of bureaucrats charged with ensuring bosses treat women staff like blokes.

Where will it end? Urinals in the ladies’ bog?

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