Sorry, Sharon, but taxpayers would rather not cough up to fly your relatives to Argentina

May 4, 2011

Maybe she would have been more wary if she had been asked to wear this.

Oh dear. The cash-strapped Government – borrowing $250 million a week for each of us to pay back some time – isn’t throwing the stuff around as generously as some people would like.

In particular it won’t come up with the dosh to ensure the “aunty” of an incredibly stupid woman can fly at public expense to Argentina.

The aforementioned incredibly stupid woman is drug-trafficking accused Sharon Armstrong.

Alf, who is a sensitive soul, would not normally belittle people by calling them stupid, let alone incredibly stupid, unless they support the Labour or Green parties.

In this case he makes an exception because he is talking about a self-confessed incredibly stupid person.

She is the 54-year-old former Maori Language Commission deputy chief executive who was arrested on April 13 after Buenos Aires Airport police found (or claim they found) 5kg of cocaine hidden in her suitcase.

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The lesson here is that you will look like an ass if you become an unwitting drug mule

April 21, 2011

A chance to learn Spanish.

Alf is fascinated by the story of Sharon Armstrong, the former deputy chief executive of the Maori Language Commission.

She has been arrested in Buenos Aires airport after 5kg of something was found in her suitcase.

We may suppose this something was not taonga, because the Maori Alf knows are dead keen to bring taonga back to New Zealand and get very shirty if they learn of someone shipping it out.

Nope. It was cocaine. And it was worth a few bucks. According to the NZ Herald –

The Class A drug has a street value in New Zealand of up to $2 million.

But here’s the thing.

Family members warned her not to go overseas to meet a mystery man.

She didn’t listen.

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