Sheep may roam over culturally sensitive land but athletes must not run there

June 7, 2014
Mind where you put your feet...

Mind where you put your feet…


The administrators of Auckland’s  public parks, sensitive to the sensitivities of indigenous persons, have cancelled a popular junior running race at a public park.

According to the NZ Herald,
the reason for the cancellation is that local iwi raised concerns about events on “sensitive land”.

It’s not the first time these sensitivities have constrained activities in the park.

An Auckland Council spokesman said the council was taking a consistent approach on the issue and three such running or orienteering events had been affected in the past three months.

The snag seems to be that this sort of activity involves people running over the land, presumably causing extreme cultural discomfort to the indigenous persons of the city, although sheep run across the same land,  even though they are not indigenous creatures and are not too fussy about where they pee and crap.

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Farmers should forget about fallible forecasters and simply keep a weather eye on their flocks

August 17, 2011

Swimming weather tomorrow? Baa, humbug!

It is a measure of the fallibility of forecasters that a bunch of the buggers could be seen jumping for joy on MetService’s roof on Monday.

Celebrating what, exactly?

Ha! They were celebrating getting it right.

They had accurately forecast the Wellington snowfall.

If Alf were to celebrate every time he got something right, he would be permanently pissed. Come to think of it, that’s not a bad idea.

Mind you, the weather forecasters don’t seem to have larruped into any booze, when they did their celebrating, which is a very strange way of celebrating.

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