Steve Gibson’s handicap: he’s too fricking honest for the good of the Labour Party

September 9, 2014
Drink up ... it's a truth drug.

Drink up … it’s a truth drug.

The remarkably stormy political career of a leftie by name of Steve Gibson was entirely predictable.

By his own account, the Labour Party’s Rangitata candidate is “too fricking honest”.

This clearly disqualifies him from standing for any party run by lefties or greenies and Alf is astonished that he ever signed up with any party with those leanings.

It was inevitable that David Cunliffe would soon be saying Gibson has no future as a Labour candidate.

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PC responses make it hard to malign political opponents without upsetting Guyon

August 12, 2014
But this might have offended the Scots.  And ducks.

But this might have offended the Scots. And ducks.

Alf has much the same grasp of Shakespeare as Labour’s Rangitata candidate, Steven Gibson, who has been getting much more of his share of the media limelight than is fit and proper for someone unlikely to be elected in September.

But Alf is aware of a Shakespearean play titled Much Ado About Nothing.

He is inclined to think this pretty well sums up the fuss about something this Gibson feller seems to have posted on a Facebook page, according to this Radio NZ account.

Labour’s Rangitata candidate Steven Gibson is on his last warning after referring to John Key as Shylock in a social media post, the party’s leader David Cunliffe says.

Mr Gibson was commenting on a Facebook post which had a photo of the cup of tea deal between the then Epsom candidate for ACT John Banks and National Party leader John Key in Auckland in 2011.

Cunliffe should be delighted. The irritatingly nit-picking Guyon Espiner gave him a platform of several minutes on Morning Report to discuss Gibson and this Shylock bloke.

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