Spanking new – a study that shows how we harm our children if we go easy on the smacking

January 4, 2010

A big hat-tip to Whale Oil for drawing Alf’s attention to something vital he missed in The Telegraph.

It’s the glorious news that social scientists have produced data giving strength to the old adage about sparing the rod and spoiling the child.

As The Telegraph reports –

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Key must ignore the child discipline do-gooders

August 23, 2009

Love to be a fly on the Cabinet room wall tomorrow, when Prime Minister John Key turns up with proposals to reassure parents the child discipline law will be carried out the way it was intended.

But Alf is disappointed to hear from Radio NZ the proposals to Cabinet will not involve changing the current law.

“My view is the law is working as was intended but I think the very strong message that comes through from this referendum is that New Zealand parents don’t want to see themselves or their neighbours or anybody else criminalised for lightly smacking a child.
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A strong showing of discontent with the smacking law

August 3, 2009

The Boss’s political sensors are sharp enough to have triggered his announcing a review of the rules for ministers claiming accommodation expenses in Wellington. Here’s hoping he’s getting the message on our child smacking legislation too.

It seems there’s a lot of opposition towards the law among our citizens. Politically significant opposition.

The review of ministerial expenses undoubtedly stems from public reaction to the first-ever release last week of expenses information, including accommodation and travel, claimed by MPs and ministers.

Perhaps most controversially, the data showed Finance Minister Bill English – our champion of fiscal discipline – receives a $700 a week housing allowance for a Wellington property his family has owned for several years.
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Hey – here are some kids who don’t mind a smack

July 29, 2009

We don’t have any of those places in Eketahuna where a bloke can go to be whipped by a lass clad in black leather. But if you happen to run such an establishment in your neck of the woods, there’s good news in the NZ Herald today.

Our namby-pamby approach to discipline does not mean we are raising a generation of kids who don’t appreciate a good smacking.

Nineteen years after physical punishment was banned in schools, the NZ Herald has surveyed a bunch of kids and found that while most want the ban (no surprise), “there is still some support for smacking as a form of discipline.”

An intermediate school was chosen for the survey because the students, all but one aged 11, are old enough to have opinions but young enough for discipline to be fresh in their memories.
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