More ammunition for those who think the best pussy is a perished one

February 10, 2013
Will it be duck for dinner? Or cat?

Will it be duck for dinner? Or cat?

The Grumbles took scant notice of the fuss that has raged in recent weeks over moggies and their contribution to bird culling.

On one side of the battlefield was economist and businessman Gareth Morgan, who branded the cat a “friendly neighbourhood serial killer” and called on cat owners to make their current cat their last to protect New Zealand’s native birds and environment.

According to a report here, Morgan is supported by the likes of Forest & Bird advocacy manager Kevin Hackwell. He agreed Kiwis need to “seriously consider whether you are going to replace your old cat”.

Hackwell is a cat owner and admitted felines were “wonderful companions”, but said when his moggy’s time was up, there would be no more meows in his house.

“I would rather have fantails and tuis,” he said.

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