Let’s thank Phil Goff for putting us in the picture about the influence of Fabians and fairy dust economics

April 26, 2010

Keeping Stock alerted Alf this morning to Phil Goff’s appearance on TV3’s The Nation on Saturday.

Among other things, Goff confirmed that:

* Labour will NOT roll back any increase in GST – whatever happened to Axe the Tax, we wonder?
* Labour will restore the top personal tax rate to 38%
* Labour will be happy to work with Winston Peters if, God forbid, he returns to Parliament in the 2011 election

Giving Winston Peters another Ministerial limousine strikes Alf as being remarkably daft. So does the commitment to re-raising the top tax rate after we Nats have lowered it.

But in the immediate aftermath of Alf’s posting yesterday about nudists, Fabians and fairies, there‚Äôs a more bothersome aspect to the Goff interview.

It was the bit about Goff taking advice from the bloody Fabians.

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